If you have already found your dream home but need to complete some remodeling, we can assist you in making changes to your home to make it more comfortable to your specifications.

Attention to detail is very important in both the home design, remodeling and the construction process. From start to finish we insure quality and craftsmanship that will exceed your expectations. We feel that communication between the homeowner and contractor is the key to a successful, pleasant and efficient building process.

Project Management

As with a new home, the final product’s quality begins long before construction begins. Von Construction quality begins with our team of knowledgeable, experienced subcontractors. Their craftsmanship dovetailed with our direction and coordination ensures an attention to detail throughout the home building process that yields a quality final product. A foreman on site expedites the interaction between all parties and maintains consistency through the project.

Coordination Process

The hallmark of a successful project is communication. An easy dialogue between homeowners, builder, vendors and subcontractors guarantees a truly remarkable custom home. With 25 years’ experience building in the Gallatin Valley, Von Construction understands how best to approach this often underestimated facet of the building process.

Reporting & Cost Control

Itemized allowances are set during the planning process and referred to when choosing materials, trim, and fixtures. We help the customer set budgets that emphasize critical items and prevent overspending in less important areas.