Client Testimonials

“Now that we have closed on our new home, we believe it is altogether fitting and proper to write you a letter of appreciation and commendation. This home in Bozeman will be our twelfth, having frequently moved during my corporate business career. We are pleased to tell you that our new Bozeman home is by far the best of the lot. Your strong commitment to quality and pride of workmanship, in design, materials and labor is very hard to locate in this day in age, and in this regard, you and your company where a real “find” for us. Your close attention to detail is most excellent, as is your accommodation, communication and cooperation with your customers. In addition, both your subcontractors and vendors possessed the same attention to both quality and service. The bottom line e Adrian, is that you are indeed a first class, quality residential builder. As your company grows, I hope that you will always keep the three most important factors at the forefront of your business plan: Quality, Quality and Quality.”
Bruce Harman
“Adrian, you did the impossible; built a high quality house within a reasonable budget and finished on schedule. Amazing! When we arrived in Montana and crammed ourselves and our pet menagerie into a condo, we certainly never intended to build, but none of the existing houses felt right. Then, viola, your “spec” house surfaced where we could see the great floor plan with good solid construction, and still select the amenities. Right up front you set out reasonable but generous budgets and a realistic completion schedule. As we progressed, you overcame my initial trepidation at trying to coordinate the internals of home with patience, expertise and a much appreciated sense of humor. Your great working relationship with local subcontractors resulted in prompt, pleasant and, above all, quality service. Building was actually fun. We have been in the house for a year now and truly appreciate the fact that everything has performed just as it should. With your unfailing attention to detail and artistic
sense, you didn’t just build us a house, you built us a home. Thank You.”
Nancy Freeman
“It was never our intention to buy a new home. In fact, we were fairly opposed to the idea. We wanted the warmth, soul and craftsmanship we thought we’d only find in the historic district. But when our realtor showed us Adrian’s house we knew it was too good to pass up. It had the feel we had been looking for in an old home without the maintenance. The house also came with the unexpected benefit of a builder who stands behind his work. Clearly, Adrian values craft and attention to detail as much as we do. Above that, he has shown in every way possible he also values our happiness in this home. It is a pleasure working with him.”
Jane Burns