About Us

Turning dreams into homes since 1993

We are a family owned and operated business.

Homes built with high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail from start to finish

At Von Construction we can design, build or remodel your dream home. If needed, we can help you locate property for your new home. Work with the architect of your choice and give advice for every aspect of the building process. The most important thing when building a new home is feeling secure and confident with your contractors. At Von Construction we will guide you through the entire process making sure you understand each step and are pleased with the final outcome.

If you have already found your dream home but need to complete some remodeling, we can assist you in making changes to your home to make it more comfortable to your specifications.

Attention to detail is very important in both the home design, remodeling and the construction process. From start to finish we insure quality and craftsmanship that will exceed your expectations. We feel that communication between the homeowner and contractor is the key to a successful, pleasant and efficient building process.

Our goal is to make your home building and remodeling journey as exciting and relaxed as possible.

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Client Testimonial

“Von Construction did the impossible; built a high quality house within a reasonable budget and finished on schedule. Amazing! When we arrived in Montana and crammed ourselves and our pet menagerie into a condo, we certainly never intended to build, but none of the existing houses felt right. Then, viola, your “spec” house surfaced where we could see the great floor plan with good solid construction, and still select the amenities. Right up front you set out reasonable but generous budgets and a realistic completion schedule. As we progressed, you overcame my initial trepidation at trying to coordinate the internals of home with patience, expertise and a much appreciated sense of humor. Your great working relationship with local subcontractors resulted in prompt, pleasant and, above all, quality service. Building was actually fun. We have been in the house for a year now and truly appreciate the fact that everything has performed just as it should. With your unfailing attention to detail and artistic
sense, you didn’t just build us a house, you built us a home. Thank You.”
Nancy Freeman